Unstructured and Structured Data in Healthcare and Digital Health

July 30, 2014 by

Amidst healthcare circles, the idea of structured data versus unstructured data has been talked about for years. It’s a huge hurdle for all organizations associated with the healthcare industry.

As health devices and apps evolve, why does it seem we’re having the same discussion about structured and unstructured data sets?

Blood Glucose Info

Zweena Health, along with its CEO and founder John Phelan, has written about structured data in healthcare on an ongoing basis. Here’s a list of articles to help gain a better understanding of why this rift exists and how (and why!) Zweena transforms unstructured data into structured data:

Health Records: To Digitize or Not to Digitize?

Structured Health Data vs Unstructured Health Data

Visualize Your Health Data with the Zweena Health Dashboard

Structured Data is Smart Data

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