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Heres to Your Health

Following in the footsteps of National Men’s Health Week and Father’s Day, we wanted to continue the celebration of health awareness! One of the biggest advantages of using the Zweena Health platform is our medical record collection benefit. Our team actively collects medical records on behalf of our members.

To celebrate, we are offering a special offer to help get you started in taking a more active role in your health!

A Zweena Health account unburdens its users from having to spend their valuable time on collecting medical record collection, organization them and managing for both themselves and their family.

This special promotion (a $30 value!) from Zweena Health includes:

1 provider’s medical records collected with the first 10 pages FREE
FREE digitization of the collected pages

Register Now with Promo Code herestoyou

The promo code (herestoyou) is active now and runs through June 30, 2014 (promotion extended!). Use this link for direct sign-up with the promo:

For a practical use of Zweena, let’s look at how Zweena Health can help busy dads. An benefit of Zweena Health for dads is adding their children to their Zweena account. A Zweena member has told me stories about his recent fatherhood, noting the unexpectedly high number of times he has been to the doctor for wellness checkups and those times when something might be wrong. Our personal health record solution allows him to put Zweena in charge of doing the tedious work of medical record collection, organization and management, freeing up more time for him.

Records Graph

It was even more heartwarming to hear from him after we released our dashboard functionality. He was able to quickly view his children’s weights as they were measured during each checkup in a chart. Think of it as an automatic digital growth chart for the modern age.

Everyone wants more time, and this is exactly what Zweena Health offers it’s members. We take care of the tedious work so you don’t have to.

Share this special promotion with your family, friends and colleagues. And encourage them to take a more active role in their health – there’s no better time than now!


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John currently resides in Princeton, NJ with his wife and four children.

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