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We are grateful for each and every Zweena Health member, which is why we recently polled our members (both Free and Paid) about their Zweena experience. Critical to our success is our ability to meet the needs of our clients. Their feedback helps us make Zweena the best personal health record solution it can be.

The last question of the survey included permission to share the findings of the survey anonymously, which is why you’re able to read this blog post now!

We share these findings with you in the spirit of openness and transparency. Onto our findings!

What are some of our members’ favorite Zweena features?

  • One All-Inclusive member (paid) likes that we collect medical records on their behalf (a key feature only found in our All-Inclusive plan), while another All-Inclusive member mentioned how easy it was to input their doctor and have the Zweena team collect their medical records.
  • Getting paper records transformed into Digitized records was also mentioned, taking PDF copies of a medical records and transcribing key information into structured data. The data from digitization, along with our recently unveiled dashboard, give Zweena members the ability to quickly see and analyze a snapshot of their health metrics over time (example below).

Zweena Dashboard

Zweena members are likely to recommend the platform to their friends and family

One of our questions focused on how likely our members were to recommend Zweena to their family and friends. We were thrilled to see that a majority of our members would think about or were likely to share our platform with their network! One of our members even wrote, “I recommend Zweena every chance I get.”

We couldn’t think of a better response than that!

We have happy members, but still have work to do

A key reason why we polled our members was for their input into what could make the Zweena platform better. One member mentioned it would be helpful to be able to reference a “hints” email or a better help area. Good news! The creation of a Resource Center for Zweena members is underway – look for an expanded help section that will better assist members in their use of the platform in the very near future.

Other feedback from our members, whether related to the Zweena interface, new features or ways to improve the experience, has not gone unnoticed. Every piece of feedback was truly appreciated, has been discussed and will result in a better Zweena for everyone.

Didn’t get a chance to add your two cents? Leave a comment below – we would love to hear from you!

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