The Definition of a PHR

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A PHR or Personal Health Record is health data pertaining to a patient or user that is collated in a single document by that patient or user. A PHR is different from an EHR (Electronic Health Record) because an EHR is maintained by a healthcare provider while the PHR is maintained by the patient.

Paper-based PHR‘s are simply personal health information stored in paper format, and they usually consist of printed lab reports, copies of clinic notes, etc. While paper-based PHR’s are low-cost, reliable and accessible without the aid of a computer or other device, they are usually not easy to update and share with others.

The Zweena Platform is a digital PHR solution that uses Microsoft HealthVault technology to store and consolidate patient health data, making it easy to access and share when needed.

Real life example of when having a digital PHR could save a life

A diabetes patient is given 20 unites of insulin upon arriving at the ER.

ER doctors order 10 units an hour there after.

The patient is fifteen years old, weighting 125 pounds, and just two hours later…

She crashes.

Had her parents sent her medical history to the hospital, the ER doctor’s could have easy seen her age and weight allowing them to administer the proper dosage of insulin.

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