OpenNotes Going Strong: 3 Million Patients & Counting

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According to a recent article titled OpenNotes in the news: Now 3 million patients – and mental health, too from, OpenNotes now states that three million patients have access to their medical providers’ notes. OpenNotes is a national initiative with the purpose to give patients access to the notes written during a visit by their doctors, nurses, or other clinicians.

Here are our thoughts on the latest news about OpenNotes from the article originally posted on

  • Give patients access to doctor’s notes and the sky doesn’t fall. e-Patient Dave states in the article “…when patients can see what their clinicians wrote, the sky doesn’t fall; instead, all kinds of good things happen.” Cultivating and heralding the client-provider relationship is boosting patient engagement.

  • Give patients access to doctor's notes and the sky doesn't fall

  • Big names are on board with OpenNotes. The momentum behind OpenNotes is impressive. The momentum is gaining speed because health leaders are becoming health pioneers; early supporters include Geisinger Health System, The Department of Veterans Affairs, Columbia St. Mary’s, Kaiser Permanente and many more.

  • OpenNotes is expanding and sparking discussion. This is the best possible scenario for an initiative looking to gain traction. A New York Times article about OpenNotes and its application in the field of mental health has a staggering number of comments, as an example.

Zweena believes in empowering individuals and giving them access to their medical records. The Zweena team collects medical records then scans, uploads and organizes them in their original format into our members’ accounts. This allows Zweena members to pull up health information via a smartphone, tablet or computer at any time via a member’s Zweena health record (ZHR). This ZHR include scanned documentation (complete with original doctor’s notes) and a dashboard that displays digitized data.

A key benefit of Zweena is digitization. Health information is digitized from scanned paper records and categorized into fixed fields as digital medical records. This gives Zweena members the option to not only look through original sheets from their visit, but to quickly see their health info charted on a graph as a snapshot over time.

Zweena Dashboard

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