Did You Know That Having Timely Access to Medical Records Saves Lives? Learn How with Zweena

Watch this eye-opening video and learn from Regina’s story how timely access to your own personal health record can improve medical attention in times of need.

Medical records Zweena collects your medical records and consolidates them into a private and secure online electronic health record which can be shared with your family members, trusted friends and care providers.

Medical records are essentially archived information of medical events such as diseases, major and minor illnesses, and growth milestones, that have occured in the life of the patient since birth.

Medical records give the clinician a standard to base medical decisions on, providing clues and support for diagnoses and treatments. Zweena uses secure Microsoft HealthVault technology to store, organize and protect your medical records online, making them safely, easily and privately accessible to you and people of your choosing any time, and from any place.

Your Zweena PHR (Zweena personal health record) is supported by US national health administration entities and by AHIMA, the American Health Information Management Association.