How to Upload Your Medical Records

June 28, 2014 by

Zweena gives you the freedom to upload your own medical records!

There are ten quick-and-easy steps to this process:

  1. Step One: You need to have a copy of your records in the first place! These need to be saved as a .PDF on your local computer.
  2. Step Two: Sign into your Zweena Health account.
  3. Step Three: Click on the “Zweena Health Records” tab.
  4. Step Four: Then click “Upload Documents” on the left (see below)
  5. Upload Documents

  6. Step Five: Select the individual you would like to upload medical documents to.
  7. Step Six: Find the scanned record by clicking “Choose File” to select the .PDF, .JPG, .PNG or .TIFF of the medical record on your local computer.
  8. Step Seven: Select both the appointment date and the visit type (organizational tip!).
  9. Step Eight: This section allows you to sync the uploaded medical record with an existing provider in the account or to create a new provider.
  10. Step Nine: You are given the option to “digitize” the data. Digitizing medical records transforms them from scanned paper record to data in structured fields, which gives users access to dashboard functionality.
  11. Step Ten: Click “Upload Document” and your document will be uploaded!
  12. Uploaded

    This is what an uploaded document looks like. You are able to view the scanned document or click “digitize” to transform this scanned paper record into structured data that becomes data for the Zweena dashboard.

    Have more questions about how to use Zweena? View our large list of helpful tutorials and how-tos.

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