How to Sign Up for Zweena

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Zweena offers two different types of accounts:

  1. Free Account for self-service needs
  2. All-Inclusive Account to have Zweena handle everything

To register for either account, click on the green Get Started button below:

Get Started

Step 1: Zweena Sign Up Process

To sign up for Zweena, you simply need to enter some information about yourself as well as select a plan.

That information includes:

  • Plan type (don’t worry, you can always change this later)
  • Name
  • Email
  • Zip code
  • Phone number

You can see this process in the image below:

Register a Zweena Account

Step 2: Microsoft HealthVault Sign Up Process

The next step has you create (or link) your Zweena account with a Microsoft HealthVault account. We do this because:

  • Syncing data between Zweena and wearable devices like a FitBit
  • Connect to our ecosystem of more than 220 applications, such as Walgreens

HealthVault Greeting

HealthVault Creation

Step 3: Connect Zweena and HealthVault

We need to connect Zweena and HealthVault. Select your name and click “Allow Access.”

Allow Access

Step 4: Chose a security image

The last step is to create your personal security image. This step is for your safety. This ensures it is really you signing into the Zweena Health platform, and not somebody else.

Have more questions about how to use Zweena? View our large list of helpful tutorials and how-tos.

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John currently resides in Princeton, NJ with his wife and four children.

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