How to Share Your Medical Records

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Zweena offers the unique benefit of being able to share medical records with providers, family members and more. You can only share a medical record if you have been granted custodial access.

How to Share Your Record

To view the sharing area within your Zweena account, log in and select the “Shared Records” tab.

Shared Records

The left-hand side allows you to select from the different categories of shared records, as listed above.

Select the level of sharing on the left, then select the individual’s health record to share, with whom it’s been shared with, and whether you would like to have the record sent via email or printed.

Shared Records By Whom

See the status of all of your shared records at the bottom of this page, including clicking “edit” to change the level of access or revoke access completely.

Defining Levels of Access

There are 3 levels of access that can be granted:

  • Custodial access allows full access to all the information in the Zweena Health Record, with the ability to see, change, share, and delete any of that information. Custodial access is helpful for cooperative management of someone’s health. Be very selective about who you give custodial access to, since they will have full control over your health information, including the ability to remove your access to your own record.
  • View and Modify access allows the person to see, change and delete any consumer entered information, but does not allow any sharing of information.
  • View access allows the person to only look at the information in the Zweena Health Record. No information can be changed. A provider’s access will be limited to view only. Sharing your record with a person you trust allows them to see, update, or delete information, depending on the permissions you grant them. You might want to use Sharing to give an adult, child or caregiver access to your health information, or to share a minor child’s immunization records with their school nurse. You could even share medical information with a physician.


Remember, you control what the person you share your PHR with can do with the information. Some information stored in the health records you manage may be highly sensitive. Before you grant access to a record, consider carefully which people should be allowed to see the information.

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