How to Add a Doctor

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How to Add a Doctor

There are two places within the Zweena application that allow you to add a new provider:

  • My Community Tab: Navigate to ‘My Community’ and click “+Add providers” on the righthand side
  • Providers Tab: Navigate to the “Providers” tab and click “+Add a new provider”

Here is a photo of this example from within the application.

Add Providers

Tip: How to add a provider

The “Add Provider” screen allows you to search for an existing provider or add a new provider to the database.

Fill out as much detail as you have for your provider if not found in the database.

Not Found

Tip: Authorizing Record Collection

Be aware of the checkbox, “Link this Provider to a Member to enable record collection.”

This allows you to link a provider with a member in the Zweena account to enable record collection. After adding the provider, with the checkbox checked, you are asked to enable the collection of that provider’s records on behalf of the Zweena member. Select the Zweena member who is a patient of the provider and click “Authorize Record Collection.”

Authorize Record Collection

Please note: You will need to fill out a Authorization to Release Medical Records form with each new provider, per law requirements.

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