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Learn How Integrating Zweena to Your Microsoft Health Vault Can Save Your Life

Watch Regina’s story and see how timely access to a personal health record improves medical attention.

HealthVault Zweena integration: HealthVault from Microsoft is employed in the Zweena electronic health record platform to ensure your personal health information is easy to access or share privately and securely.

What is HealthVault?

Microsoft HealthVault is a secure web-based (online) storage system for your personal health information. As a PHR solution, HealthVault allows you to securely store personal health information for you and your family. HealthVault also allows you to access this information easily from any web-enabled device, including a smartphone.

With HealthVault, a patient can access their personal health record in a structured and interactive way, as well as track improvements and changes in health conditions.

Why does Zweena use HealthVault?

Zweena has chosen HealthVault for your records because HealthVault provides the highest levels of security and privacy for your personal health information.