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About the Zweena Personal Health Record (Zweena PHR)

Here we answer questions all about us as a company and how our product works. Just click or tap on a question below to see the answer.

We are a consumer focused healthcare technology company offering digital medical solutions including the collection, organization and digitization of your health record.

Zweena means beautiful in Moroccan Arabic. Our CEO and Founder was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco and selected the name based on our mission: to make individuals’ healthcare journeys a more “beautiful” one.

The majority of users come to Zweena because they are looking for a 360-degree solution for all their health information. For individuals with chronic disease(s) and caregivers, organizing medical information is a real challenge. The Zweena service and our online personal health record application was created to better serve these people.

Organized medical information is critical to a more efficient and effective medical experience. Having all your medical information in one place, accessible online, with the ability to share access to this information with family members or loved ones is critical to better personal health care.

You can choose to upload and store records in Zweena online at no charge (with a limit) or ask Zweena to do the heavy lifting of collecting, organizing and digitizing your medical records. We ensure health record accuracy by employing trained medical professionals to input your data.

A Zweena Personal Health Record empowers you to be proactive about your health and to manage your healthcare. Zweena offers you an unbiased partner in your healthcare management, independent of your employer, health insurer or the government. After all, it’s your health.

Signing up for Zweena is simple and fast. You can add information as you go. Just click the big green “Register” button and follow the instructions.

For a Free Do-it-Yourself account, there is very little you will need (name, email, zip code).

For the All Inclusive account, we will need a valid credit card. After registering, you can provide information on doctors and other family members whom you wish Zweena to begin collecting records from/for.

You provide Zweena a list of healthcare providers. You complete a signed Authorization form and Zweena contacts these doctors to request a copy of your records. This phase sometimes requires collaboration between yourself, Zweena, and your healthcare provider’s office.

This means that your provider has not yet been added by another Zweena member and you’ll need to add your provider manually.

To turn off record collection please contact Zweena Support at 1-877-848-4248.

Zweena offers 2 plans, one Free and one Paid. Call us at 877-848-4248 for more details.

You many cancel your Zweena Plan at any time. There is no annual “lock in” period. You must inform Zweena by phone or email that you wish to cancel. Your access to Zweena will be terminated. You will still have an account at Microsoft HealthVault where you can access your “Zweena” digitized records.

Your Zweena online PHR can include a full view of your personal health information including:

  • Your Health Community including your family members and medical providers
  • Personal profile for you and all members of your Health Community
  • Contact information of your medical providers
  • Health insurance information
  • Health records you requested
  • Medications and dosages
  • Medical devices
  • Immunization record
  • Allergies or sensitivities to drugs or materials, such as latex or food allergies
  • Laboratory test results
  • Opinions of specialists
  • Emergency contacts
  • Advance directives

Zweena is required to be in compliance with the current HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) laws as a Business Associate. Although Zweena is not a healthcare provider, Zweena is in compliance with HIPAA requirements for privacy, security and data collection of protected health information.

HIPAA is an important personal right, which seeks to guarantee your medical privacy, and allows you to have a copy of your medical records. Your HIPAA protections are summarized by the US Department of Health and Human Services. Click on this link for more information.

Zweena is required to be in compliance with the current HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) laws as a Business Associate. Although Zweena is not a healthcare provider, Zweena is in compliance with HIPAA requirements for privacy, security and data collection of protected health information.

HIPAA is an important personal right, which seeks to guarantee your medical privacy, and allows you to have a copy of your medical records. Your HIPAA protections are summarized by the US Department of Health and Human Services. Click on this link for more information.

Very successful.

You have a legal right to request a copy of your medical records (thanks to HIPAA). Records that are less than 7 years old are readily available. Records older than that may no longer be accessible by your physician. We cannot collect records for people that are deceased.


Your Zweena Health Record (ZHR) is a collection of all the records you request us to collect and can cover different aspects of your healthcare history. We will scan and present dental and vision records and will digitize basic health information captured at those visits.


To ensure the accuracy of your clinical information, Zweena accepts only clinical information that has been created by a medical professional. You may enter your personal information, Insurance, Emergency Contact, upload Advance Directives, and Employer information.

The Zweena team is available M-F from 9-5 Eastern Time. We will return all after-hours calls the next business day. You can email questions or call Zweena at 1-877-848-4248.

Please do not send any clinical information via email.

Because your Zweena PHR belongs to you, it is independent of your employer or insurance provider. It will remain in your possession and with your direction can be adjusted to reflect any changes in your address, employment status, insurance carrier or healthcare providers.

Yes, with the proper written authorization Zweena can create a Zweena PHR for family and professional caregivers alike.

Yes. With the correct authorization, Zweena will enable you to access your records along with the records of your family. There are a few rare exceptions related to older children.

Regarding Minor Children

Generally, parents and guardians have access to their minor children’s health records. There are three circumstances where parents do not have access; however, access to parents may be permitted in these circumstances if permitted by state or other applicable laws:

  1. When the minor is the one who consents to care and the consent of the parent is not required under law.
  2. If the minor obtains care at the guidance of a court or person appointed by a court.
  3. When a parent agrees that the minor and healthcare provider have a confidential relationship.

A Zweena Health Record can be shared with whomever you choose! This includes family members, spouses, and physicians. You can only share a medical record if you have been granted custodial access. There are 3 levels of access that can be granted

  • Custodial access allows full access to all the information in the Zweena Health Record, with the ability to see, change, share, and delete any of that information. Custodial access is helpful for cooperative management of someone’s health. Be very selective about who you give custodial access to, since they will have full control over your health information, including the ability to remove your access to your own record.
  • View and Modify access allows the person to see, change and delete any consumer entered information, but does not allow any sharing of information.
  • View access allows the person to only look at the information in the Zweena Health Record. No information can be changed. A provider’s access will be limited to view only. Sharing your record with a person you trust allows them to see, update, or delete information, depending on the permissions you grant them. You might want to use Sharing to give an adult, child or caregiver access to your health information, or to share a minor child’s immunization records with their school nurse. You could even share medical information with a physician.

Remember, you control what the person you share your PHR with can do with the information. Some information stored in the health records you manage may be highly sensitive. Before you grant access to a record, consider carefully which people should be allowed to see the information.

You can only change the information that is part of your Profile and Health Community. All clinical information is provided by your physicians and entered by trained Zweena staff members.

To access your ZHR, you will be given a unique user ID and password that ensures your information cannot be viewed or changed by anyone else.

Entrust®, a nationally recognized SSL Certification Service, is used to validate that Zweena is communicating only with the certified user’s computer. Your communication with Zweena will be validated with the SSL service encrypting every keystroke and all data exchanged. A new validation is created every time and is never used twice, even by the same customer, so you can be certain that no one can pretend to be you.

Our systems are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week against intrusion, both automatically and by security personnel. For your security, Zweena cannot share the precise nature of its defenses against electronic intrusion; however, for someone to electronically penetrate our system and get to your data, they would need to break through two firewalls, two intrusion detection systems (electronic intrusion monitoring) and then decipher our encrypted database.

The second component of security is physical security. Our Computer Center is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is monitored by electronic surveillance systems, and only authorized Zweena Information Technology personnel are allowed access to our computer facility.

All Zweena servers utilize redundant storage devices. If one server hard drive fails, the component can be replaced on the fly and continue operation without losing data. All Zweena servers are backed up monthly, and we maintain secure off-site backups in two states, protecting you even in the face of a regional disaster.

You are the only one that can grant access to your Zweena Health Record (ZHR) through your secure user name and password.

You may grant authorization to others, such as your doctors or spouse, if you desire. You must give written authorization to family members, physicians, the school nurse, or others to access your protected health information. While Zweena takes strict measures to ensure security, part of that responsibility is shared by you. We cannot protect your information if you give your user name and password to someone else, or leave them exposed to others who then access your record.

If you elect to allow others to view your ZHR, they will be assigned their own user name and password that is linked to your ZHR.

No Zweena staff member will ever ask you for your password—we can’t even view it. If you have any doubt that someone might know your user name and/or password, please contact customer support immediately and a new password will be generated for you.

About Personal Health Records

Here we answer questions all about personal health records and how they can help you. Just click or tap on a question below to see the answer.

Every time you have a medical appointment, your doctor notes the details of your visit are recorded in a file. The majority of these notes and records are kept on paper. These files are medical records of your health.

A personal health record (PHR) is the collection of your medical records and personal health information. The information can be a collection of paper records or stored on a computer in some type of digital format.

Having a copy of the health information from your medical providers empowers you to make informed decisions as you manage the health and wellness of you and your family. You are legally entitled to have access to your medical information.

Wherever you have had medical care, there should be a record of that visit/event. Doctor’s offices, hospitals, urgent care clinics; the key is that you should always have a copy.

Your healthcare provider is allowed to charge a small fee for copies of your health record. The fee can only include the cost of copying (including supplies and labor), as well as postage, if you request the copy be mailed to you. If you request an explanation of this information, you may also be charged a fee for preparation of a summary.

About HealthVault

Here we answer questions all about HealthVault and how we work together to help you generate an ecosystem of your health IT. Just click or tap on a question below to see the answer.

Microsoft HealthVault is a secure, online storage center for your Zweena Health Community’s medical information. Clinical information entered by Zweena staff members is securely stored in HealthVault.

Microsoft HealthVault provides:

  • Advanced security to protect and secure your information ensures that you are always confident that your health information is safe.
  • Easy portal for health providers and patients to access and add health information.
  • Integration with other HealthVault application and medical devices allows you to store all of your health related information in one place.
  • Leading Digital health ecosystem for hundreds of devices and apps that can engage you digital health data. You select who to share access with and the connection is made.


Zweena has selected HealthVault as our partner because of the high level of security it provides, and for the complement of digital health tools it provides consumers with that Zweena provides.

Zweena stores your Zweena Health Record in the secure Microsoft HealthVault platform.

When you are signed into the Zweena Health Record, you can easily access your HealthVault account by selecting the My Account tab and click on Manage HealthVault Account in the left column. Or, you can go to www.HealthVault.com and log in directly.