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We Collect

For $10 a month per patient/family we will collect their medical records from all their providers and upload them into our online software allowing easy access for you, your nurses, and your patients.

We Digitize

We search through all uploaded records and find the pages containing data. We then take each of those pages and digitize the data into CCR structured data for $1.85 per page.

You Visualize

You’ll then access a visual dashboard that displays data trends, allowing you to easily see your patients medical history over time.

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Is Zweena Health the Right Service for Your Team?

Quickly calculate the cost savings of using Zweena to collect and digitize your patient’s medical records opposed to having your nursing staff do the heavy lifting. Please note, we are not here to replace your nurses. Only to free up their time on the mundane so they can focus on helping you take care of your patients.

I pay my nurse practitioners $a year.

On average I get new patients each month.

Of the pages collected, on average we only need pages for each patient.

Your nurse practitioner doing this would cost you $0 a year.

If Zweena Health collected and digitized your patient’s records it would cost $0.

With Zweena collecting and digitizing your patient’s medical records you would save $0 (0%).

With your current staff and patient intake, Zweena would not be a cost effective solution for you. We’re here when you’re ready to scale your business!

Based on our research, we’re assuming it takes hours to collect one persons records.

Resources for Direct Primary Care Physicians

How Viatus Health Uses Zweena Health

Inside Zweena Health for Providers

Hear from a Direct Primary Care Provider

Viatus is a personal health advisory service for high net worth individuals that allows its clients access to world-renowned, cutting-edge medical resources that promote health, wellness and longevity.

Dr. Han Grewal, CEO of Viatus Health, came to Zweena Health looking to:

  1. Gain access to all their patient’s medical records allowing Viatus Health’s doctors to make more informed decisions
  2. Allow sharing across multiple providers within the network for multiple opinions to make sure their recommended course of action is the right one
  3. Enhance their offering by provide their patients with a personal health record

Zweena Health is now working closely with a number of Viatus Health patients and nurses to collect and digitize medical records.

Click the image above to get a quick inside look at the Zweena Health product for providers.

Some features include:

  • All your patient’s in one snap shot view
  • Drill into each patient and view all their recent appointments with you and their other providers
  • See an aggregated view of your patients medical history laid out in structured data allowing you to easily discover trends

“I believe doctors and patients should return to a direct, cooperative relationship whenever possible. I created NeuCare to achieve that ideal. We are on a mission to rebuild and modernize medicine of the good ol’ days.”
Dr. Neu

We had an opportunity to interview a trailblazer in the direct primary care space. Dr. Ryan Neuhofel is the owner of NeuCare Family Medicine, a direct primary care provider in Lawrence, Kansas.

We asked Dr. Neu questions including:

  • What is your biggest challenge as a small, nimble practice?
  • When it comes to health records, do you typically find that your patients have everything you need?
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