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The Moroccan Arabic word “Zweena” was chosen via inspiration from our founder’s volunteer work in Morocco. John Phelan was Executive Director for a health facility that rehabilitated and educated children with polio.

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We change the way our clients know and utilize their own healthcare information. Zweena is about leading transformational change for our clients. We serve our clients with compassion, unbiased clinical experience and provide technology-rich solutions designed for easy comprehension and impact.

We strive to make a positive impact on each client’s health care journey.


Zweena LLC is an innovator of personal health record solutions that empower healthcare patients and providers. We want to change the way individuals collect, organize, monitor and analyze their health information.

It’s our belief that the first step of taking control of your healthcare is to own your health data. It’s your health!


Our clients and their health team members view Zweena and the Zweena Health Record as an essential element of their health management. Their lives are transformed by Zweena.

It’s our promise to always deliver friendly and efficient customized client service.

“Most of us only think about our health and our medical records when we are reacting to a health crisis. By then, it is too late to harness the power of our assembled health information. Zweena gives all of us an opportunity to use the information we have today and be more proactive and engaged with our own health information and the information for those we love and care for. We wish our clients a more ‘beautiful’ health journey, and I have created a company which helps deliver this promise.”
John Phelan, Founder & CEO
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